Are you seeking a savings vehicle that will help you maximize accumulation, give you access to cash and protect your family with a death benefit? I have great news about a smarter, more rewarding way to save. It offers a higher rate of return than any bank CD or money market savings account. And it comes with unprecedented choices, flexibility, safety and guarantees.

Introducing LibertyMark Single Premium Deferred Fixed Index Annuities

In contrast to life insurance, which generally provides financial protection against dying too early, LibertyMark Series annuities can offer financial protection against living too long.

Upon a single lump-sum payment ($10,000 minimum), income payments and taxes are deferred. No taxes are paid on the interest the annuity earns until it is withdrawn. Fixed indexed annuities can guarantee a fixed rate of interest earnings. They also offer interest crediting strategy choices based on the performance of a market index. They do this while providing protection from loss.

Imagine helping saving with rates of return that are comparable to those of the stock market, without the market risk. That?s what LibertyMark Single Premium Deferred Fixed Index Annuities do.

To shield retirement funds from market-related losses, LibertyMark builds in a minimum guarantee to offer security of principal regardless of market conditions. Upon full surrender, death or annuitization, the policyholder is guaranteed to receive between 1% and 3% on the entirety of the premium (less any withdrawals, surrender charges, and applicable premium tax).

Imagine helping your clients save with rates of return that are comparable to those of the
S & P 500 averages, without the market risk.

Ultimate Flexibility

LibertyMark is a long-term retirement product that will perform best when it?s allowed to grow. But of course, life is unpredictable. So, policyholders are offered several different liquidity options for flexible access to their money, Imagine helping your clients save with rates of return that are comparable to those of the stock market, without the market risk. such as up to 10% penalty-free withdrawals annually after the first contract year, or Required Minimum Distributions (age 70.5).

Multiple Index & Crediting Strategies

There are a variety of indexed strategies that credit interest based on the performance of a specific market index or commodity. One of the most successful strategies LibertyMark uses is the 2-year point-to-point strategy, which to date (08/2017) has returned 7.3% net of fees. Compare this to the S&P 500 lifetime average (since 1928) of around 7% adjusted for inflation. Not a bad return considering policyholders have no chance of loss due to market corrections with the LibertyMark product.

Based on a check of Bankrate on 8/5/2017, savers could receive a rate on a money market account at 1.5%, a three-year CD at 2% and 2.36% for a five-year CD. Attractive interest rates by comparison to a few years ago. But these rates pale in comparison to the LibertyMark annuity.

A Huge Win for Senior Savers

Among many great features for senior savers, LibertyMark offers the Heritage Maximizer (for non-bonus products). Upon the policyholder?s death, heirs receive 130% of the then current accumulation value.

Generous Account Eligibility

Qualified and non-qualified accounts (IRS rule 59.5 applies), are eligible, including Traditional IRA?s, Roth IRA?s, Inherited IRA?s, SEP IRA?s and Non-contributory TSA plans.

Trusted Safety and Security

LibertyMark fixed indexed annuities are backed by more than 100 years of financial stability with Americo Financial Life, an A.M. Best ?A? Excellent rated insurance carrier.

I?m happy to review the many attractive features and benefits of the LibertyMark product line during a FREE consultation. Give me a call today, and together we can provide you a smarter way to save.


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LibertyMark Heritage Maximizer enhanced death benefit rider (Rider Series 2181).
LibertyMark 7, 10, 10 LT, SE 7, SE 10, SE 10 LT (Contract Series 411/4196); LibertyMark 7 Plus, SE 7 Plus (Contract Series 411/4191/4196); LibertyMark 10 Plus, 10 LT Plus, SE 10 Plus, SE 10 LT Plus (Contract Series 411/4179/4184/4196).
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