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How to Survive in Retirement
Without Running Out of Money


  1. 5 Step Roadmap that helps you spend confidently in retirement.
  2. How to address the 4 key risk in retirement so you don?t run out of money.
  3. Learn how to calculate your protected income number.
  4. What is the optimal time to start drawing social security.
  5. How to minimize income taxes in retirement.

Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!
Seven Steps to Retirement Security

Learn about the “7 Steps to Retirement Security”

  1. Have a plan for retirement
  2. Maximize Social Security benefits
  3. Consider a hybrid retirement
  4. Protect savings from inflation
  5. Secure guaranteed retirement income
  6. Plan for long-term medical costs
  7. Use home equity wisely

How to Escape the Retirement Tax trap

Learn about:

  • 3 Biggest Risks During Your Retirement that you face.
  • Common Retirement Vehicles available today.
  • #1 Tax-Minimization Retirement Vehicle in the market place today.

Reverse Mortgages – How they Work
Is It Right For You


  • How does a reverse mortgage work?
  • Does the bank own your home if you do a reverse mortgage?
  • How do you qualify for a reverse mortgage.
  • I explain the different types of reverse mortgages.
  • Do your heirs have to pay money if you owe more than your home is worth?