Preparing for the Risk of Cognitive Decline

Whether you’re a senior single or couple, as you age you need to be aware the many challenges that come with increased life expectancy. Yet the possibility of diminished intellectual capability may seem outside your daily life. It shouldn’t. If you want to help to prepare for the future, you can’t ignore the unpleasant possibility [...]

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What goes UP doesn’t have to come DOWN.

Lock in for the long term. Our fixed index annuities (FIAs) include an annual reset feature offering: Opportunity when the index is UP. Protection when the index is DOWN. This chart shows how annual reset works. You are protected with a Fixed Index Annuity from Loss of principal - no matter how the market fluctuates – with the advantages of annual [...]

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You Earn It. Protect it

Protect a portion of your retirement savings from loss. Death, taxes and … yes, retirement savings are exposed to loss of value. But that’s only part of the problem. The time it takes to make up those losses can be the real issue.  According to a recent industry study, twice as many baby boomers prefer a [...]

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