Are You Looking For High Savings Rates – Check Out This Article

May 2023 Best Fixed Savings Rates: If you like to save money these are the highest rates for savers in over 20-years. Fixed annuities offer savers a chance to earn interest higher than CDs and other bank products. They also provide principal protection from market volatility, which is especially important for investors close to or in retirement. While [...]

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Seven Steps to Retirement Security

Today, I'm going to be talking about the seven steps to retirement security. Before we start, let's start with a quick story. There were two people from the East Coast who always wanted to come to California. It wasn't the beach that they wanted to go to. It wasn't the mountains. It was actually [...]

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Why EVERYONE Should Own an IUL

After talking to hundreds of people over the years, it has been my experience that most of them don?t understand how money works. It?s definitely not something they have been taught, and very few of them are going to learn it well on their own. I would like to share some simple information with you [...]

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You Earn It. Protect it.

Protect a portion of your retirement savings?from loss. Death, taxes and ? yes, retirement savings are exposed to loss of value. But that?s only part?of the problem. The time it takes to make up those losses can be the real issue.   According to a recent industry study, twice as many baby boomers prefer [...]

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