Why EVERYONE Should Own an IUL

After talking to hundreds of people over the years, it has been my experience that most of them don?t understand how money works. It?s definitely not something they have been taught, and very few of them are going to learn it well on their own. I would like to share some simple [...]

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The Impact of Taxes in Retirement

Hi there. My name is Mel Samick, thank you for reading ?Mel?s Retirement Blog?. Today?s discussion is called, "The Impact of Taxes in Retirement." I've been fortunate enough to ask these questions to thousands of different potential clients, and that is this, what do you think taxes are going to be like in the future? [...]

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Millennial’s Guide to a Tax Free Retirement

My name is Mel Samick and today we're going to talk about millennial?s guide to tax-free retirement. Today we're going to look at how a millennial is in a different set of circumstances than any other generation before them.   ? They are entering the workforce with the most debt of any generation entering the [...]

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401(k) vs. IUL: Where Should You Put Your Money?

The 401(k) has become the standard-bearer for retirement savings accounts. While many people enjoy the immediate tax deferral benefit, they often times do not think of the significant tax liability they could incur later on in their life. An indexed universal life (IUL) policy has been making waves in the financial industry due to its [...]

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Using Life Insurance to Ensure the Long-Term Viability of Your Business

Business owners face a number of challenges when balancing sustainability, growth, and shielding their families and trusted employees from potential financial hardship. Mel goes over how to protect the longevity of your family and your business through the Emerging, Expansion, Flourishing, and Succession phases. Today, we're going to be talking about how to use life [...]

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Protect Your Spouse?s Social Security

Could your spouse live on just one Social Security benefit? You risk losing their paycheck if they don't plan for the death of your spouse! Here, life insurance makes its grand entrance. Many couples forget to plan for the loss of a Social Security check when one of them dies. Let me show you how [...]

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