An Easy Explanation of Fixed-Index Annuities

How to easily understand fixed-indexed annuities. I joke around because insurance carriers are great at taking something so simple and making it complex, but picture this before we get started. Let's say you're on a road trip with your friends driving through the Mojave Desert. Everything's great. No complaints. As the miles go by on [...]

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September 2023 Best Fixed Savings Rates:

If you like to save money these are the highest rates for savers in over 20-years. Fixed annuities offer savers a chance to earn interest higher than CDs and other bank products. They also provide principal protection from market volatility, which is especially important for investors close to or in retirement. While fixed annuities have some advantages, they [...]

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Maximizing Retirement Income: The Connection Between Social Security Optimization and Reverse Mortgages

As reverse mortgage professionals, it is essential to understand how Social Security optimization and reverse mortgages can work together to help you maximize your retirement income. By incorporating these strategies, you can achieve a well-rounded financial solution to maintain your lifestyle and financial security. This article will discuss the connection between Social Security income [...]

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